A comparison of native americans and white man on living their life

The Native Americans and the Puritans had a different set of ideals, but, when it came to certain aspects, they shared common views. Follow in third and fourth are the Sioux tribe and Chippewa tribe withindividuals andindividuals, respectively. Conditions at the forts were horrible.

How each individual chooses to come to terms with the reverberating effects of that loss is a path they must forge on their own. Before white settlers came to the continent, Native American life was free of European influences, and Native Americans lived simply off the land.

Not only did their ideas of nature clash, but so did their view on where God stood in the world. Families that had lived in the Nation before the Georgia Gold Rush tended to be more supportive of the Cherokee. The median age of Native Americans and Alaskan Native is In Byrds survey, The Native American Religion, a Native American named Bearskin explains his belief in one sole supreme God, and that this master God created the world with his own hands many years ago.

Join us soon for another Life Issues. Both Native Americans and Puritans have similar elements of culture, such as religion and morals. The Puritan Ethic taught the people of New England to work very hard to earn passage into heaven, so the Puritans never had time to enjoy the beauty of life.

This is an inherently tricky subject, as Native America today encompasses hundreds of different tribes with vastly diverse cultures, languages, and histories. The Native American population is not evenly spread across the nation. Factories seem to contradict Indian culture, but ironically, industry helps culture thrive.

In general, Georgians viewed the Cherokee as not much higher on the social level than slaves. They spent much of their time among nature, learning how to be one with it.

The Natives regarded their white-complexioned visitors as something of a marvel, not only for their outlandish dress and beards and winged ships but even more for their wonderful technology — steel knives and swords, cannons, mirrors, earrings, copper and brass kettles, and so on.

More essays like this: The Cherokee tribe had the second largest population, withindividuals. Impact of Native American gaming Further breakdown of poverty rates show that Native Americans are consistently the highest among each race.

Much of the diversity is displayed through their views on nature and animals. A forest was so many board feet of timber, a beaver colony so many pelts, a herd of buffalo so many robes and tongues.

On the other hand, the Native Americans were raised to respect nature and to appreciate their balance within it. On the other hand, certain sets of people may base their culture upon a great piece of writing; Puritans, a group of people who separated from the Church of England and fled to the Americas for religious reform, are famous for basing their way of life upon the Bible.

Both stories give great importance to these massive trees, which prove to be valuable elements of their cultures.

This cross-cultural connection can be explained by the collective unconscious; which is the universal human ability to hold the collective memories, experiences, and wisdom of humanity.

Thus, different Native Americans are going to approach this query in distinctive ways. It is a tragic tale of force winning over decency and power winning over justice. Some Native Americans survived by hunting and gathering and lived in tents, while others lived in complex longhouses and had a very organized and complex political system.

There are numerous instances where settlers attempted to intervene when the Guard was being particularly rough on a family.

The Georgia Guard had identified Cherokee homes. In Genesis, man is molded from the soil in an image of God. In addition, both communities incorporated a tree of deeper power into their cultures.

How Do Native Americans Of Today Perceive The White Man?

First of all, each of them believes in one supreme creator. It was also a commodity: While the focus today remains on the route travelled and the journey itself, for eight years prior to the event Cherokee were confronted with their future on a daily basis.

I have felt anger for what the Navajo people had to endure, and horrified at the injustice, and complete disrespect for humanity, treated as an animal rather than a person.

A Comparison and Contrast Between Native American and Puritan Culture Essay Sample

In contrast, Puritans saw animals only as valuable recourses, instead of part of the circle of life. Both believed that doing good in this world would allow passage to a greater place in Gods safe haven, where no wrong can ever be done.

The Europeans seemed oblivious to the rhythms and spirit of nature.A Comparison and Contrast Between Native American and Puritan Culture Essay Sample Each group of people in the world has their own distinct culture, or way of life.

Some societies may incorporate their culture into their literature; the Native Americans, for example, are widely known for doing so. Areas from their demographics and economy to health standards, drug and alcohol use, and land use and ownership all lead to a better understanding of Native American life.

Health standards for Native Americans have notable disparities from that of all United States racial and ethnic groups. Life Issues – White man’s arrival in America American Indians, or rather the Native Americans, had been living on their land long before white men set foot on the soil.

When the Europeans came, there were probably 10 million Indians north of present-day Mexico and they had been living there for an estimated 20, – 30, years, arriving by land and sea during the ice age. People had already been living in the America long before the white man ever “discovered” it.

These people were known as the Native Americans. They had lived peacefully on the land, for hundred of years till the early s when white settlers began their move towards the West.

Modern social statistics of Native Americans

As these white. “The white men despise and cheat the Indians” (Tecumseh ). Europeans Change the Native Americans When Europeans first explored western Virginia in the late s, they discovered few Native Americans.

However, their presence, their goods, and their customs had affected many Indians. Compare/Contrast Native Americans/ Black.

Native American Life

The Conflict of Europeans and Native Americans After watching the movie The Snow Walker, I was very intrigued by how welcoming the Native American tribe known as Inuit was to the white man. However, in the movie Dances With Wolves the Sioux tribe was not as trusting and welcoming to the white man.

A comparison of native americans and white man on living their life
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