An analysis of the bush versus gore political debates

Public Opinion Quarterly, 56, Political Theology, 5, Voter decision making in election Audience perceptions of politeness and advocacy skills in the and presidential debates. Argumentation and Advocacy, 34, What should debates be? Media rhetoric and the public perception of the presidential debates.

Breaking the rules in debates. Speaker and Gavel, 18, Relational control between debating politicians. The State has not shown that its procedures include the necessary safeguards. The effects of the network call for Bush. The presidential campaign pp.

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United States presidential election, 1992

Political debates as televisual form. Bush had the problem of failing to demonstrate that he had the intellectual heft to be President, whereas Vice President Al Gore suffered from the inability to shed his wooden demeanor and relate to the average American.

The recount mechanisms implemented in response to the decisions of the Florida Supreme Court do not satisfy the minimum requirement for non-arbitrary treatment of voters necessary to secure the fundamental right.

Senator Tom Harkin winning his native Iowa as expected. Effects of watching primary debates in the U.

United States presidential election, 2000

Bush asserted that the net gain for Vice President Gore in Palm Beach County was votes, and directed the Circuit Court to resolve that dispute on remand.

Public communication and televised presidential debates. Journalism Quarterly, 54, Bush and Al Gore contrasted sharply with the previous two debates where the candidates were either seated at a table or standing behind a lectern.

The Last Lap

Jerry Brown, however, began to pick up steam, aided by using a 1— number to receive funding from small donors. The debates in the light of research: Political Communication, 19, Journal of Applied Communication Research, 34, Bush and September 11th. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 17, Southern Communication Journal, 77, Political talk radio, perceived fairness, and the establishment of president George W.

Audience disaffiliation in the presidential debates. Commission on Presidential Debates Effects of watching a presidential primary debate. Communication Quarterly, 42, For purposes of resolving the equal protection challenge, it is not necessary to decide whether the Florida Supreme Court had the authority under the legislative scheme for resolving election disputes to define what a legal vote is and to mandate a manual recount implementing that definition.

American Behavioral Scientist, 48, Patterns and trends in national political debates: American Journal of Political Science, 22, Washington Post, Oct.

5, ; Howard Kurtz "Instant Ephemeral Analysis" is an analysis of the media's post-debate reaction of the first televised debate between George W. Bush and Al Gore and its influence on public opinion. Sep 26,  · She needs to not condescend in any way, which was the main thrust of Patrick Healy’s excellent oral history of the first Gore-Bush debate in Alan Rappeport Reporter.

On November 8,the day following the Presidential election, the Florida Division of Elections reported that petitioner, Governor Bush, had received 2, votes, and respondent, Vice President Gore, had received 2, votes, a.

How the Press Covered the Final Stages of the Presidential Campaign EMBARGOED UNTIL TUESDAY OCTOBER 31, 10 P.M.

EST Frames of Debate Analysis Political Internals 69% cand. Performance 53% tactics & strategy 12 versus 9% for Bush. Either Gore’s performance, or the higher. Al Gore versus George Bush Debate Styles - Al Gore versus George Bush Debate Styles On October 11,in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Vice President Al Gore and Governor George W.

Bush, Jr., participated in the. The use of indirection in televised political debates: The Bush-Gore debates during the American presidential campaign. Journal of Political Marketing, 3, Greene, R.

An analysis of the bush versus gore political debates

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An analysis of the bush versus gore political debates
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