Essay on beggar is a social parasite

The common examples of permanent parasites are—Plasmodium, Entamoeba histolytica, and other proto zoan pathogens, different platyhelminthes, nematodes, arthropods, etc. The parasite-specific gall formation is found to be related with parasite-specific enzyme Kinsey, Certain parasites remain restricted to special habitats within the host.

Those who are paralyzed, lame, deaf, dumb, and blind or disabled, are unable to earn their living. Fungus spores of Aspergillus may are drawn into the lungs of ground-feeding birds, where they germinate and grow, causing aspergillosis disease.

The beggar is usually quite clever and even cunning. The Hindu beggars are called Sadhus. They mostly abuse him and treat him harshly, and turn him away from the door.

Then he is sure of a good living.

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Most of them are professional. There is too much exploitation in our society. Permanent parasites, however, spend their life completely on other organisms. Anti-malarial Herb Two bioengineering research professors at the University of Washington have rediscovered wormwood as a promising potential treatment for cancer among the ancient arts of Chinese folk medicine.

Parasitism is mainly a food coaction, but the parasite derives shelter and protection from the host, as well. They carry the infection with them and wander from place to place. He has many ways and means of begging. They go from door to door daily. Many beggars are beggars by birth.

An India beggar is a common figure in the country. His zeal for social reform lag him to satirize the social institutions. Parasites are one; physiological stress, nutritional deficiency and poisoning are others.

The children and women welcome such type of beggars. While many of the begging cases are justifiable, some beggars also cheat innocent women. But this does not mean that all parasites are harmful. Some of them are seen in torn out clothes and others are wearing yellow loose dress.

The novel is an attack on the inhuman conditions of subsistence in the work houses, the idiocy of law and the unsatisfactory medical facilities. He deceives the ladies, he may sing some holy songs on his musical instrument. For example, smallpox, intention-unintentionally introduced nearly exterminated some tribes 5 North American Indians viz.

He comes there to ask for alms. They lose all initiative and find begging an easy job. The former category constitutes the pathogenic parasites. They do not like to change their profession.

Unless some strict laws are made by the Government banning beggary at public places, outside bus and railway stations, schools and templesthe menace will continue.

The first part of the novel presents the early childhood of Oliver in the workhouse and about his days of service as an apprentice. When several insects are found on the same oak, each kind of parasite produces its own characteristic gall form.

Begging is becoming a regular profession now a days, Morning and evening, these fakirs or sashes are seen wandering in the streets and bazaars, begging for alms from door to door under various pretenses, Some beggars are deformed or disabled, other are quite healthy, but they only want to feed themselves.

They simply absorb their food directly through their body wall. Mosquitoes and bugs that suck the blood of their hosts are temporary parasites. Some people give money or food to beggars in order to get rid of them and not due to pity. The problem of beggars in India-Beggars are found everywhere in our country-at pilgrim centers, at street corners, at bus-stands, at railway stations, outside temples, gurud-waras, mosques and other places of worship.

Perforation of organs entails additional effort. In other words hoity which goes toothier support is wholly wasted.The social parasite also exibits a high perpensity to symbiotiaclly attach itself to an unaware host.

This method of attachment usually presents itself when the host is exhibiting marked signs of malnurition, irratability, suicidal idealization, and unable to function within normal society.

Parasite resistance refers to the ability of a disease causing parasite to thrive, survive and reproduce regardless constant application of drugs aimed to suppress it action in the human body. Most antimalarial drugs has become ineffective causing wide human suffrage and increased social costs worldwide.

Index to Pages on Parasites and Parasite Cleansing. Parasitic Blood Parasites: Essay and Darkfield Images. I am still organizing some of the information, but let me make two bold statements right now.

First, all patients with cancer as well as those with AIDS had parasites in the blood, some as many as a dozen different types of parasites. And as a social type a beggar compares well with scores of others.

He is honest compared with the sellers of most patent medicines, high-minded compared with a Sunday newspaper proprietor, amiable compared with a hire-purchase tout—in short, a parasite, but a fairly harmless parasite.

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Essay on Beggars in India. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On October 11, Sometimes, a deaf and dumb beggar is seen. It is also common to see a beggar who is suffering from leprosy. These people, suffering from leprosy are carried from one place to another in a manually driven cart.

Short Essay on Birds ; Life of Street. Parasite Essay. Abortion Is Murder Essay. Words | 6 Pages. based on is the sacredness of life.

So, to take a human life is not acceptable. Abortion without a doubt is murder because a fetus is a human being from the moment of conception, the act of abortion is unjustified, and a fetus in no way parallels a parasite. A social parasite.

Essay on beggar is a social parasite
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