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The nervous system also grows and develops, and there is a marked improvement in the functioning of sensory organs. New demands are put on the child while new expectations are being made by school where the child proposes to enter for formal schooling.

This enables a child to perform various types of essential activities like walking, running, jumping, throwing etc.

The following features of physical development during the period of Early Childhood are significant. He begins to recognise faces and expresses the feelings of pleasure and pain through facial expressions.

Early childhood being an age of rapid growth and development, the children must be provided with a rich and balanced diet at this stage. Again, the influence of learning may be readily seen in such skills as talking, writing, and buttoning clothes. Today, with the emergence of pre-school education, the period of early Childhood has acquired new significance.

These glands and ducts are larger and more numerous in childhood. Motor Development There is a lot of motor development and muscular coordination.

Essay on Physical development during early childhood

According to Hurlock, "This dividing line is significant because as the child leaves the home environment and enters school, new pressures and new expectations result in marked changes in patterns of behaviour, attitudes and values". Boys and girls grow at different rates.

In a study conducted by Guttering, it was indicated that a fair proportion of children are proficient in some motor activities before the age of three years.

Tonsils are in the throat while adenoids are behind the soft palate where the nasal passages join the throat. The child pays instant attention to noise, sound, colour and light.

Any deficiency of diet at this stage may have serious repercussions at a later stage and the growth of the child may be retarded. These lymph glands are found in the region of the neck, under arm, and various other parts of the body.

Child to be gradually made independent. Training in good habits. Different parts of the body such as head, hands, arms, legs etc.

At five years of age, the average child will have gained about nine inches in height from that of age two.Essay on Theories of Development Theories of Development Matt Sellitri Psy Child and Adolescence Development Allen, Craig Sept14th Thesis In my paper, on child development I will discuss three different points of view on cognitive, physical and emotional development.

Virginia Henderson Theory Of Nursing Nursing Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, this essay will examine Henderson's theory of nursing, its origins and key features of the theory, and how it relates to personal values and beliefs.

The how and the why : an essay on the origins and development of physical theory

Origins of the Nursing Theory Development of the theory. The How and the Why: Essay on the Origins and Development of Physical Theory by David Park () [David Park] on 5/5(2).

- A. Cognitive Development Theory In a general sense the theory of cognitive development is not just a single theory but a number of theories offered by a number of cognitive psychologists over the past century. The following essay elaborates a chosen theory of cognitive development in relation to mathematical knowledge with a link to the.

Get this from a library! The how and the why: an essay on the origins and development of physical theory. [David Park]. Human growth and development theory is concerned with understanding how people grow and change throughout their lives, from the vital early stages to old.

Essay origins development physical theory
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