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Some of my students got "The Heaven of Animals" by James Dickey for their mock IB English exams, and when all was said and done, they asked if they could see an example of a level-7 paper.

Do we have the right to destroy their homes, their heaven? From many instances within the poem, it appears as though heaven, for animals, is simply the natural perfection of the Earth itself.

When spoken, it rolls off the tongue naturally. Does the poem have an extensive figure? Concisely, write one sentence on each idea that will be put forth in the essay Paragraph One: Only the first two lines of stanza six describe the predators; a continuation of the sentence in stanza five.

Since the animals are not aware of anything but their instincts, any natural habitat they belong in is the best place for them; the picture of perfection. While predator and prey are separate entities, they are still part of each other in the same cycle. The course has changed. A body, whether predator or prey, will be subject to all Ib commentary thesis of Ib commentary thesis, and so Dickey leaves off on an open note; simply a part of the cycle.

The planning phase is perhaps the most important, even more important than the writing phase which comes naturally succeeding it, if planning goes well the written should be equally responsive.

A Poet could not but be gay, In such a jocund company: There is no rhyme scheme, the themes bleed into each other, and the stanzas have different lengths.

State the literary features Elaboration: For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.

Further evidence for it being here can be found in stanza seven, in the line "Fulfilling themselves without pain. The text itself is very clearly about both predators and prey, how they interact with each other, their habitats, and the process in which they live and die.

The next few lines utilize imagery; "It is a wood" and "It is grass rolling" are examples of the different habitats in which the animals reside. The conclusion must contain a brief summation of all the points you have made and why were they the most important.

By sharing his own first experiences with such a crowd of daffodils the reader gains the same first impressions. What effect does meter and form have on meaning? They will always be here. I gazed--and gazed--but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought: However, a sure start is with the overall structure.

One could say that there is only one forest on Earth which is the richest, and clearly not all forest critters live there, so the heaven must be otherworldly, which is why the heaven "outdoes" the forests of Earth. It would be better to create a reserve, where all types of animals can live together in harmony.

The third stanza, conversely, reflects on their environments. Nerdvark structures this essay with a solid introduction that hooks the reader, gives his thesis, and outlines his main points, then has a block for understanding, a block for interpretation, being sure to PEEL in each paragraph, and finally, a conclusion that cleverly summarizes the main points and includes his personal response.

This could be a refrain, an extended figure or an apostrophe. If so, do the previous literature features make them so?

The prey, obviously, is not empowered, and so it refers to the predators. Evidence of this includes the line "They rise", which is present in both the beginning stanza two and the end stanza eight of the poem.

IB English/Commentary

The poem is extremely euphonic and uses quite a bit of pleasant imagery. Furthermore, the poem could serve as a warning to humans that destroying the planet is not only dangerous to our own continued existence, but it brings up important moral issues concerning the animals who also reside on our planet.

If an animal should be re? Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the Milky Way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Stanza seven makes clear the idea that being hunted is not a bad thing; it does Ib commentary thesis upset or terrify the prey to be hunted: Conclusion The conclusion should combine the Wild Card with the above paragraphs.

First, Understanding of the poem - Nerdvark begins his commentary by explaining, or paraphrasing, the poem in order to show his understanding. Is there any irony? The lines are in iambic tetrameter. Is there a refrain? Example Commentary[ edit ] Confused?Aug 15,  · A commentary is not a rewrite, it's an explanation and discussion of the thoughts and language in the written piece.

Here is a much lengthier Wikibook guide on writing a commentary (an excellent resource, no doubt).Author: ibstudent. Aug 25,  · To write a literary commentary, begin by closely reading the text at least twice while paying attention to the content and structure.

While commentaries do not need a thesis statement, you should identify the title, author, and genre in your introduction%(33). Aug 23,  · To write a commentary, write about your observations and analysis of the text you read. You should craft a clear and specific thesis statement about the novel, poem, or play you are evaluating.

Your thesis statement should explain your stance or argument about the text%(31). How to write a Poetry Commentary. In order to write a proper IB Paper 1 style essay, the following guidelines must be followed. For the IB commentary, you are expected to explain a given poem or prose.

Thesis statements

Thesis equals your opinion. Shakespeare exists – Hamlet does not exist. Argue the idea. Argue an idea. Characters are examples in the body of the thesis. The author is the starting point. Keep on the question – argue the question. Notes for IB Commentary and Literary Analysis. Having a strong commentary structure is the easiest way to earn marks in your IB English Paper 1.

But wait–there’s even better news: The best structure doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated at all.

Ib commentary thesis
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