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The children and relatives of the politicians should be excluded from this reservation benefits. What others are reading: They are often paid to become their Politics and youth+essay and act according to their advice.

The people who not like these elections to be given such a huge dimension have based their views on the fact that several times these elections have turned ugly with incidents of violence.

It becomes difficult for the authorities to distinguish between the genuine campaigners and goonda elements. At present, Politics are not accessible to the common young people. By making the age of casting of vote as 18, the Politics and youth+essay brought crores of people within the ambit of active participation in elections thus giving a broad base to the democratic processes.

Political awareness should be given to the students of schools and universities and they should be encouraged to participate in the politics.

The real power lies in the hands of the people who elect the people who rule the country. Youth should be given the opportunity to prove themselves by making politics accessible to the them.

Therefore these idlers are never short of material for discussion. Belonging Politics and youth+essay different generations, there is a possibility of generation gap, misunderstanding and even rejection of one age group of the other those who of the opinion that those among the youngsters who are students and at the threshold of some career will suffer immensely if they go astray.

Youth enrollment campaign in Australia educates young voters with fun activities. The students often are not aware that they are being taken advantage of. Some people oppose this cult while others hail it. Young people led community development programs and volunteering organizations must be supported by the government.

Threat to life, if they are sincere. There is canvassing campaign among the students presenting the qualities and plans of the respective candidates.

Political awareness campaigns must ensure that young people are turning out in the elections to cast their vote. The basic principle of democracy is that it should have a wide participation by the people.

The youth inducted into politics have matured into great leaders. Heavy police deployment at times is unable to stop them because the police hesitate to use force against the tender-aged students.

Another fear was that the politics is dominated by middle-aged and old people. The atmosphere is full of political rivalries and intrigues near the elections.

If some action is taken against anyone, the students go on strike whereby the cause of education and their own career is greatly harmed. India is a place where some kind of election or the other is always nearby-from Parliament elections to Panchayat elections.

Lack of political institutions. For them to take part in politics is more of a matter of interest rather than getting some position in a political party.

Some idlers also join the election campaign to get some name and fame and also some money. Being the citizens of a democratic nation they have every right to become active politicians.

That is why some people believe that the youth should not take part in politics. Some of them have access to local heads, MLAs, village chief, block presidents and members of Zila Parishad. Being young, they are not swayed by the old systems of caste, creed and other orthodoxy which had been the bane of Indian politics for quite some time in the post-independence era.

If they start missing their classes and take part in meetings and rallies, they will be left behind in their career.Importance of youth in Politics: Fresh and innovative ideas. Comparatively young people have less responsibilities and more zeal towards the betterment of society.

Youth are tend to more enthusiastic, energetic and flexible. India is one of the youngest democracies having 65% of its population below the 35 years. But the percentage of the.

It goes from changing playing into politics, home and school to Volk and the Third Reich, turning campgrounds into pre-military training areas, air guns into machine guns, sing-alongs into marching drills, instruction into indoctrination, luring boys and girls into Hitler Youth by uniforms, weekend hikes (Health Source).

That is why some people believe that the youth should not take part in politics. But [ ] Navigation.

1246 Words Essay on Youth and Politics in India

World’s Largest Collection of Essays! Words Essay on Youth and Politics in India. Article shared by. People between the age of 15 and 35 constitute youth.

Those in their teens among the youth are said to be of tender age. Youth in Politics If I were asked to describe ‘Politics’ a few years back, this is what I would’ve said- Politics is a quagmire of dirt, corruption and power. For a government official to a top bureaucrat, money is the end and the means.

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Youth in Politics

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Many argue that “youth” is an inexperienced and immature stage of life and are in disagreement as to whether the qualities of youth can be beneficial for politics, or detrimental. Speculation has also led to debates about whether young adult brains are biologically ready to make tough decisions.

Politics and youth+essay
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