Rudi gassner and bmg

A gold album requiredunits to be sold, whereas a platinum album required one million units. To date, Elvis does not qualify for any Diamond Awards. Once this process is complete, the artist is then awarded with a Gold, Platinum or Diamond Award. The Beatles - The Beatles 14 million 3.

Consequently The Beatles and Garth Brooks also Led Zeppelin have issued a relatively small amount of albums compared with Elvis with heavy marketing on these titles see Table 1 below.

Forsthaus Falkenau

We wanted to beat back claims by a few others who were clinging just to certified units. This change was brought about by the higher prices for albums, which, according to the million dollar rule, could qualify an album for gold status without selling a specific fixed amount.

Garth Brooks was listed as second with 89 Rudi gassner and bmg sales and Led Zeppelin third with 82 million.

SinceRCA has followed a strategy of releasing copious amounts of Presley product with little marketing and following such release have recycled them in various forms over the years with many compilation albums containing the various tracks e. On January 1stthe requirements for albums changed.

Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 11 million. None of them have been in the Top In addition, ina new Diamond Award for added for album sales of over 10 million units.

Your efforts will NOT be in vain. Prior to the inception of the RIAA. You can write to Mike as follows: As can be seen in the first paragraph of this article, Elvis is behind The Beatles and Garth Brooks in total album sales.

The RIAA was established inbut did not establish any gold record awards until Each multi-disc set is counted in the same fashion. The Beatles - Abbey Road 11 million 5. For example, we found one album sold about 25 years ago that did aboutunits, and proved the sales. The effect of this is that The Beatles and Garth Brooks have larger sales on fewer albums whereas Elvis has smaller sales on a greater volume of albums.

In determining level of sales, the RIAA uses the term units, a term which varies based on the medium of the material which it is currently evaluating. If it counted triple, we would have debuted at No.

For multi-disc sets, which are defined by the RIAA as containing a minimum of minutes of music, each disc in the set is counted once toward the total sales.Forsthaus Falkenau war eine von bis im Auftrag des ZDF produzierte Familienserie der neuen deutschen Filmgesellschaft (ndF).Mit der Ausstrahlung der Staffel vom Oktober bis zum Dezember wurde die Serie nach 25 Jahren Laufzeit beendet.


In November, the Recording Industry Association of America announced that the Most Successful Recording Act of the 20th Century in America was The Beatles with million Album sales (Single sales were not taken into account).

Rudi gassner and bmg
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