The history of mydin

This seems to be a related word. Etymology So what does this have to do with Odin?

Barbarian Europe

And the Finns were famous among the Norse as magicians. The proposition here is that this is exactly what it was. The word means The history of mydin or blazing.

Male shamans in Siberia were reported by M A Czaplicka as wearing a pair of circles on their shirts, to represent breasts. There would be no connection to this except that in Germany by the Roman writer Tacitus he states: The Finnish tribes were at the far western edge of that spectrum of shamanic practice.

There would be great benefits in the form of influence and power for any man who adopted the female role of magician; and from Tacitus we have testimony that such did occur. A fascinating side of this in India is that a god is called a deva, but a godlike non-deva is an an-sura asura. To the north and north-east of the Indo-Europeans, and extending far into Siberia, there existed a broad band of many peoples who practiced shamanic magic.

You cannot successfully divine without summoning. So how did this become a deity? Sura appears to be a very old name for a god. Wotan appears to have been nothing more than a deified shaman, a magician and diviner. In ancient India the alternative name for a deity a deva, from proto-Indo-European deiwos was sura.

The theory being put forward here is that, at some point in the pre-history of Scandinavia, there was at least one period in which a priesthood took social control of the Germans there effectively kings, whatever they were actually called. The Celtic word is highly likely to havebeen close to the Latin.

To muddy the gender issue even more, a small silver figure dated to around AD was found in Lejre in Denmark in That magic was often gender-bending, ie. Whether it is older than dewas devaor younger or concurrent is unknown. If you read the cosmology of Siberian tribal people the last survivors in the practice of Eurasian traditionsit shows startling similarities to the cosmology recorded in the Eddur.

And the practice of magic was considered unmanly.

The History of Mydin

These Asura appear to be lesser beings, men in fact, who became as gods, and the Hindu stories lend credence to the idea of the Aesir being men who were elevated to godhood. Priests tend to talk shop with each other. The name is apparently quite old, but how old?

Three possibilities seem to exist for its origin, and one of them is favoured here. A second type of god, however, was the ansura or asura.

Odin in history There is plenty of evidence that it was customary among Indo-Europeans to deify powerful and influential individuals.

Odin is given in many royal genealogies, a direct expression of descent from the god. There must have been one hell of an impressive magician, a wotan, at some point for them to deify him, because the tough, militant German tribes appear to have had little respect for unmanly men.

In the country of the latter is a grove, consecrated to religious rites of great antiquity. The older form of his name is pronounced Wotan or Wodan.Mydin's wiki: Mydin is a Malaysian chain of hypermarket, supermarket and mint-body.comyMYDIN was founded in by Gulam Husen Jamal, father to Mydin Mohamed in Penang.[7] Their first hawker business was started on However, the shop was burnt down as a result.

Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad The largest wholesaler in Malaysia, Mydin is a chain of hypermarkets, supermarkets and emporiums. Mydin sell local and overseas products at affordable prices, and cater to a large segment of the Malaysian population.

The company has 4, employees across Company Background: The Mydin Company was created by Mr. Mydin Mohamed family in Kota Bahru, Kelantan under the name of Syarikat Mydin Mohamed in year Initially, the company started its business by selling toys from Thailand.

The Mydin Company was created by Mr. Mydin Mohamed family in Kota Bahru, Kelantan under the name of Syarikat Mydin Mohamed in year Initially, the. Barbarian Europe Origin of Odin by Edward Dawson, 1 January There has always been something a little odd about the Norse and/or German god called Odin, O∂inn, Wodan or Wotan.

For one thing his name was not a personification of some natural or supernatural force. the first shift occurring in pre-history. The first written mention of. The history of MYDIN Mohamed Holdings can be best illuminated by dividing it into two distinctive eras namely the pre- and post-Mydin Mohamed Holdings eras; eras that have been filled with heartwarming stories and experiences that binds the family members closely to one another.

The history of mydin
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