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Consequently, the satire and analogy in The Island makes us see the exclusion of a unique individual which results into intolerance and inconsideration of the other. This was portrayed in my text through the suffering of the strange man who arrived on the island.

It is my hope that through my picture book, I can others how easily how sense of belonging may be affected by social repression, fear and madness. Just as I tried to show how fear is projected on to the naked man, so too does Miller reveal the need to a social outlet for repressed desires and resentments.

The consequence of being in a bland society and having the security of being in a group is that it can affect a person and may obscure their personal opinions. In our society, this can be based on visual appearance or fears about difference which will in turn, determine whether a person belongs, or does not belong.

The barriers which prevent acceptance are demonstrated in The Island widely through the differences of appearance.

His vulnerability was further symbolized with the contrast in size between him and the villagers since they were much bigger than him forming an imposing presence indicative of how we feel when presented with fears which overwhelms us. When that fails, he sacrifices his pride by confessing his guilt and condemning Abigail as a whore.

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It is human nature to reject things that are not normal or does not fit in with our sense of reality. In both instances the underlying force of disruption is fear. Ultimately due to a misplaced sense of justice, Proctor was arrested and set to be hanged for witchcraft. Essentially, seeing the satirical and mocking contrast of the two images we are able to see that difference cannot be accepted into an ignorant, homogenous culture.

This is juxtaposed with the satirical image on the next page, giving a sense of caricature of robust, homogenous, judging, threatening men that expose their enormity and conformity in a primitive society.

If you take Abigail Williams for example, she uses her power to strike back against the way she has been rejected and disempowered. We can see that the community is dismissive to any inimitable opinions and lack of identity is apparent.

The Island Armin Greder

Can you not see the blood on my head? Almost instantaneously, he was rejected and discriminated by the villagers living on the island due to his weak and horrifying appearance. Tell us what you need to have done now! He makes peace with himself and decides to die than sign a false confession to save his name in order to achieve a sense of purpose stating: When the strange man was discriminated for his difference, the fisherman stood up for him and tried to help him achieve a sense of belonging.

To reinforce the fact he did not belong, I drew him naked symbolizing that he is weak, harmless and vulnerable. The villagers were terrified on the man because they had a fear of difference and were compromised by social fear which affected their sense of belonging.

I quit this court!Perceptions of Belonging in The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick And The Island by Armin Greder Belonging is a multi-faceted concept that involves intrinsic aspects of human nature that are reliant on the individual’s life-long bond with various social, political and interpersonal relationships.

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My name is Armin Greder the illustrator of ‘The Island’ One of the ideas that I have always been fascinated in, is the interaction between individuals and society and how this influence’s our sense of belonging. How does belonging emerge through enriching and challenging a custom essay sample on How does belonging emerge through through belonging, in his picture book, The Island, Armin Greder explores how nbsp; The Island by Armin Greder Themes: society, race – Pinterest: Armin Greder: Armin Greder’s The Island is a picture book that explores the negative concepts of ‘belonging’ through instances of alienation and judgement.

Armin Greder

The text presents symbols and metaphors that can be applied to universal social issues, particularly the. Below is an essay on "The Island" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Armin Greder’s The Island is an illustrated short story in which a man arrives on an island by raft.

The island armin greder belonging essay help
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