The secret of shadow ranch book report

He tells them to get out of the cottage. She manages to save the loot, but the crook escapes. Diamond plans to blow the girls up but Dave, the sheriff and others arrive in time to stop him. But if you are looking for plot spoilers, just scroll further down the page to find them!

Nancy draws her gun, shoots and hits it in the shoulder. The parents are dead and the girl has inherited a fortune. They finally get back to the ranch. Each event happened right after a mystical, phantom horse appears at night. Chapter 6 Jack tells Nancy Martha has squatted on the area and Lucy is not her daughter.

Basically a ghostly, glowing horse starts appearing at the ranch, and at the same time, misfortune strikes. Nancy is given an old watch.

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He helps them move their baggage into the station house. In the revised text, Nancy gets to the ranch by driving there. Chapter 24 A certain lawyer is sent for. Less emphasis on hair color, too.

The Secret of Shadow Ranch Spoilers

The girls go for a ride and plan a picnic but get lost. A guy named Shorty is introduced. Chapter 13 The treasure is supposed to be in the house and they search for it.

She finds a note in the bag warning her to stay away from the ranch. These clues lead her to an ancient Indian dwelling, a prisoner, a chest of gold hearts, a gang of thieves, and a lot of danger.

Unfortunately the cowboy dies; the lady love leaves and marries another and here we are about seventy-eighty years later trying to find said treasure. Chapter 3 They get off at the station and see Ross Rogers also get off.

Nancy thinks she knows where the treasure is. He is snotty to Nancy. There is an illustration opposite the title page, and one illustration in chapter 1.

She is fearless and constantly getting herself and sometimes others around her into a pickle. They get Lucy back to the couch. Nancy wanted a way to get Martha to give up Lucy. They then go to cliff dwellings and find a guy on the floor.

They also capture the other two crooks. Nancy says it seems the destruction of the windmill was an inside job. Zany Shaw tells them to hand Lucy over and get out.

The art was revised for the new story inthis time by Rudy Nappi, and featuring the phantom horse. Tandy illustrated the original dust jacket and internal illustrations, and the frontispiece. Alice also is not already at the ranch but will go with the other girls.

They see Lucy for a moment.May 21,  · What is the complete summary for the book The Secret of Shadow Ranch- Nancy Drew? Follow.

Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch Walkthrough

4 answers 4. and if u want a summary for a book report then just go to and write the title of the book there and it will get you everthing about the book!

Secret of Shadow Ranch based on the book? Nancy Drew Secret Of Status: Resolved. Dec 18,  · Nancy Drew The Secret Of Shadow Ranch? OK im doing this book for a book report but i read it like a month ago so i dont really remeber every detail. I Need to Know the Plot (got it) charators(got it) setting (got it) conflit, complications, climax and resolution.

Status: Resolved. The Secret of Shadow Ranch Spoilers The setup and basic plot of this game is based on the classic Nancy Drew novel The Secret at Shadow Ranch.

As in the book, Nancy is taking a vacation with her friends Bess and George to visit the other girls' aunt and uncle, Bet and Ed Rawley. Bess and George have their flight delayed however, so only.

The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Nancy Drew arrives in Phoenix, Arizona, eagerly looking forward to a fun-filled vacation at Shadow Ranch, but abruptly finds herself involved in a baffling mystery. The ranch is /5(). The Secret at Shadow Ranch is the fifth volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. It was first published in under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene, and was ghostwritten by Mildred Wirt Benson.

This book, as ofranks 50 on the list of All-Time Bestselling Children's Books, according to Publishers Weekly, with 2, sales since Nancy Drew and The Secret of The Shadow Ranch.

Book Project Transcript of Nancy Drew and The Secret of The Shadow Ranch. By Carolyn Keene Presented By Jordan Lund Nancy Drew and The Secret of Shadow Ranch Characters Main Characters Nancy Drew Climax The climax in this book is when Nancy and her friends are locked up in a cave in the.

The secret of shadow ranch book report
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