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Size, Bold, Italic, Superscript, Subscript.

ThinkFree Office Online Beta Review

Read the End User License Agreement carefully, then tap Accept if you agree to the terms and conditions. Instead of tapping Activate now in step 2, you can tap Later at the right-bottom of the activation screen to activate ThinkFree Office Mobile when you access to it again.

In edit mode, the icon bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Similarly, Write and Calc do their best Word and Excel impersonations.

ThinkFree Office

Zooming in or out of documents Open the desired document. Similarly, ThinkFree Office Online is a clever idea but needs more polish. Moreover, ThinkFree seemed unwilling to acknowledge the problem was on their end, despite evidence to the contrary.

But the ThinkFree Office Online has several shortcomings. You can also pinch to zoom in or out of the document. You can also open the document by quickly tapping it in the list. Home, My Docs, and Online. Open the desired document.

Also, ThinkFree Online supports a synchronization manager utility to keep documents on the desktop, online and mobile workspaces automatically updated. In the list, tap and hold the document you want to open until the menu pops up. What makes ThinkFree different is that it segregates document sharing and document editing.

It is free to use for a day trial period, except for users in Australia and New Zealand, [3] [4] where only paid members of BigPond may use the service. Tap the icon relevant to your desired action: Still, ThinkFree insists that, while its Java technologies may lead to longer file-loading times, they can manage complex operations quickly.

The options to send the document vary depending on the applications installed on your device.Getting Started.

This help provides you with information on how to use ThinkFree Office Mobile on Android-powered devices.

ThinkFree Office Mobile for Android. It consists of ThinkFree Write for word processing, ThinkFree Calc for spreadsheets, ThinkFree Show for presentations, and ThinkFree PDF Viewer for PDF files. ThinkFree Office isn't a clone of Microsoft Office; it covers the basics well but lacks essential features.

ThinkFree's Write word processor, for instance, lacks the collaborative editing tools of. ThinkFree Write. ThinkFree Write is a powerful and versatile word processor that allows you to view, create, and edit documents on the My Docs screen.

Thinkfree Office Online; Thinkfree DocsConverter; Thinkfree Connect; English. Download Thinkfree Office Mobile from the App Store or Google Play right now. facebook instargram twitter. Product Thinkfree Office NEO Thinkfree Office Mobile Thinkfree Office Online Thinkfree DocsConverter.

ThinkFree Office Online is a web-based productivity suite that goes the extra mile in trying to imitate Microsoft Office. Is this free web-app really the next best thing to Microsoft’s standard.

Thinkfree Office product family include Thinkfree Online which is the first MS-compatible web-based online office in the world, ThinkFree Office includes a word processor (Write), a spreadsheet (Calc), a presentation program (Show), and a WYSIWYG HTML and blog editor (Note).

Thinkfree write app
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