You-attitude in business writing

Avoid first person pronouns such as I, we and our; prefer the second person, and use you and your liberally. It restricts the use of the passive voice which tends to distance the reader from the writer. In letter writing situations, this attitude may lead us to a writer-oriented, we-view point approach-one that places emphasis on ourselves and our interests rather than on our readers and their interests.

Their desires, problems, circumstances, emotions and probable reactions are to be taken into consideration. The result is not conducive to building goodwill, nor does it help get your readers to do things you want them to do.

What is the “you” attitude in my opinion?

Audience awareness, as it is called, is one of the keys to successful communication. Further refining the definition of the you-attitude, we can look at the tone conveyed by the language used, and at the way the content is presented.

What do they expect to gain from it? You will surely appreciate new discount policy.

You-attitude in business writing (see also you viewpoint) - SMU Communication 101

Let the readers connect with the message by linking it to previous correspondence; give them a reference point to know the context.

Because we are self-centered, we tend to see each situation form our own points of view. He looks at the peculiarities of business and popular English usage in his fortnightly column. I am happy to hear that you have selected our firms.

VR Narayanaswami is a former professor of English, and has written several books and articles on the usage of the language. If possible, preface bad news with positive words. Such approaches obviously do not elicit the most positive responses in our readers, because they too are self-centered.

We are sure that our view discount policy will attractive to you. Rouse their interest by rewriting the sentence: I or we Attitude: Here are some steps you can take.

The language, therefore, is personal, simple and direct.

The you-attitude in writing

What questions will they want to raise? Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. In elementary terms, the you-approach involves the use of pronouns that do not project the writer, but focus on the reader. To write business letter we should not focus or put our self in the place of receivers.

Anticipate questions that the readers are likely to have, and provide clear answers. Many writers dwell elaborately on the product, or on their service, or on themselves.

What is You Attitude in Business Communication

Creation of friendly atmosphere. Total 0 As we known form analyzing our own mental filters, we human beings are self-centered creatures. In communication studies, this is known as the you-attitude.

As you begin writing next time, remember the reader at the other end. In a broader sense, the term you-attitude signifies a style of writing in which the communication is reader-centred.

I or We attitude: Mon, Aug 23 Frame your sentences in such a way that they hurt least. The writer has these questions in mind: Who are my readers?Home; Companies; Money; Industry; Technology; Politics; Opinion; AI Science Sports Multimedia Education Consumer Specials.

business relationship is you: my reader, my co-worker, my customer. The goal of communication in business is to get our readers to do what we want them to do, so then we have to them believe that they are valued and appreciated.

The You Attitude looks at things from the READER's point of view 1. The application of you-attitude can help you capture attention and bring a more persuasive edge to your writing. While a short article on you-attitude can bolster your knowledge and skills in business writing, nothing can replace practice and further research of the you-attitude.

Five Guidelines for Writing With the "You Attitude" Establish a good, respectful relationship with your readers by addressing them directly, writing in the active voice and using the second person (you, your, and yours), not just the first (I, me, mine, we, us, and ours). The “you-attitude,” a writing style and a philosophy, places the reader’s interests foremost in your writing.

It is based on the principle that the readers are more concerned about their. The “you” attitude to me is a tactic used to persuade by drawing in readers by revolving the topic at hand around the readers and why it would be beneficial to them.

You-attitude in business writing
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